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4 Types of Website Structure Examples & How to Use Them

4 Types of Website Structure Examples & How to Use Them

You can use them in a browser or just download them on your computer. With the help of sitemap generators, websites can get a visual map of their content and see how each piece interacts with each other and what you can do to improve your website content. Sequential models lead the user on the website through a previously defined sequence when they need to achieve some goal step-by-step .

what is website structure

If you are just starting out and if you haven’t started your site yet then it is the best time for you to plan your site structure now. — Some web sites, such as the training site diagrammed above , are meant to be read in a linear sequence. Programming logic can offer customized content for particular https://globalcloudteam.com/ audiences and allow digressions from the main sequence of pages . Large sites are just too large to depend solely on browsing. Heavily used pages are likely to appear on browsing menus pages, but obscure pages deep within the site will only be found and read through web search technologies.

Step 5. Connect pages with internal linking

And what can you do to avoid your site structure becoming an issue? Read on for three basic tips on how to quickly improve your site structure.

A sitemap is like a comprehensive directory that lists all the pages on a website, enabling search engine crawlers to swiftly discover new content. While it is typically viewed as less significant for smaller sites, a sitemap remains a critical component of a website’s structure, enhancing accessibility. This is one of the oldest website structures on the internet.

Enhance your site’s structure

There always needs to be a balance between the user experience and the way Google bots can index the site. To check your structure from the technical point of view, use tools like SE Ranking’s Website Audit. It will scan all your pages, identifying all issues with links, tags, indexing directives, and so on. Also, use Google Search Console to monitor how Googlebot sees your pages. Typically, contacts, a search box, a language or region switch are also included in the header.

what is website structure

This article provides a complete introduction to AMP—what this technology is, when and how it can be used, and where its alternatives stand. Learn the key features of a landing page that help convert users to the next stage of the buyer’s journey. UX/UI design can affect the user’s behavior on your site and its position in SERP. Learn what to focus on to make UX/UI work to your advantage. Knowing all the indexed site pages isn’t enough—you need to be aware of all the crawlable pages.

Importance of Website Structure

If they think that is the case, they will reward you with better search rankings, which in turn means more traffic. We have already alluded to what site structure is in the introduction. Basically, it’s the way the pages of your website are organized, connected, and grouped together. Your site’s architecture controls how visitors and search engines navigate your site.

what is website structure

Let’s discuss the necessary navigational elements that will help you connect your pages and make users feel at ease using your website. Make sure that all pages are up to date and don’t feature irrelevant information or unavailable products. Duplicated or identical content placed on different URLs negatively impacts search rankings. Sometimes, CMS or code issues might lead to the creation of duplicate URLs with dynamic parameters. In this article, you will learn about some simple but crucial actions you have to take to build a good basis for SEO while developing your site.

Plan the depth of your site’s key pages.

Infinite scroll can decrease the number of clicks it takes for users to reach a product. Meaning that linking from one page to another gives Google more context about that page. This blog post focuses on figuring out what other purposes favicons have, where you can spot them, what it takes to create one, and which favicon format is best. Submit a sitemap to Google Search Console or webmaster services of other search engines. After the launch, you can monitor user behavior with various tools.

what is website structure

However, when you remove all these elements, site design just boils down to a great structure. Most website owners often ignore site architecture and think that it’s not so important. However, site structure how to plan a website structure is one of the most crucial factors that influence your SEO performance. It’s one of the effective and simple methods of website structuring that bring great results and make your website rank higher.

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So pagination often works best for most sites for navigation purposes. But infinite scroll may work well for a blog or content that’s not product-based. But pagination gives users greater control and allows them to easily remember where products are located.

  • The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to visualizing your website is to create your structure flat, not deep.
  • Make sure that your navigation links are HTML… not JS or Flash.
  • WebFXs proprietary digital marketing platform makes it easier than ever to track digital marketing performance, conduct industry research, calculate ROI, and make strategic decisions.
  • We’ve already mentioned how your internal links allow search engines and users to find their way around your site and understand the relationships between pages.
  • All you need to do for now is to choose a mind map software that you’ll use to create the structure.
  • Breadcrumbs are internal links appearing just above a page’s title, allowing users to track the path they took to that page.